Great News From 3DatDepth!

Boulder, CO, Sept. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3D at Depth, a global provider of advanced subsea LiDAR systems and solutions, announced today the establishment of a strategic collaboration agreement with OneSubsea, a Schlumberger company, to jointly advance 3D at Depth’s subsea LiDAR solutions for use in offshore survey data collection, visualization, and measurement applications.

The agreement will accelerate the deployment of 3D at Depth’s field-proven technologies by leveraging OneSubsea’s global resources and facilities, customer base, and unique Pore-to-Process™ approach.

3D at Depth technology employs the unique features of subsea LiDAR to deliver repeatable, millimetric, measurable data sets that allow customers to optimize subsea operations and increase efficiencies across the production value chain.

“The decision to work with Schlumberger was based on our mutual desire to significantly improve subsea field economics,” said Neil Manning, Chief Business Officer, 3D at Depth. “OneSubsea’s strong portfolio across life-of-field applications will allow us to leverage our subsea LiDAR platform to increase customer efficiencies and provide value across the board.”

About 3D at Depth:

3D at Depth, Inc. provides advanced subsea LiDAR systems and solutions designed to help clients build, maintain, map and monitor underwater assets and resources. 3D at Depth’s portfolio of SL1 and SL2 subsea LiDAR laser scanners combine integrated hardware and software technology to deliver repeatable, millimetric measured point clouds to address the challenges of subsea 3D measurement and visualization. 3D at Depth solutions focus on increasing the efficiencies and the accuracy of data collection, and modeling programs for offshore oil and gas, commercial, research and government applications. With office locations in the US, UK, and Australia, the company is focused on innovation and best practices to enhance 3D underwater data collection processes. For more information visit us at or follow us @3DatDepth. 3D at Depth’s subsea LiDAR technology was recently featured in a cover article of the Society of Underwater Technology’s UT3 magazine: Issue.4